Creative File Management  

Lorradox File Management Software is great for finding and selecting lots of Windows files. Then it can list, copy, move or delete them.

It has brilliant facilities for renaming files.

And you can run it now or schedule it as an automated job.

Single user licence £9.50 or $14.75

In both a business environment or at home it can really help you organise any files from Word documents to photo image files

In business, maybe:-
  • you want to automatically archive files over a certain size when they are a week old.
  • you'd like to list all the big files on your system so you can check if they're still needed.
At home, perhaps:-
  • you'd like to rename a load of photo files to include the date taken, location etc in the name.
  • you've got a folder containing different types of files and you'd like to separate them.
Lorradox is easy-to-use Windows software which can do all the above for you, and lots more.

Take a look at Features and Case Studies. You'll find it does more than the average file management software. The files you want Lorradox to find and process do not even need to exist at the time you are configuring the task. So you can create jobs to be run regularly to process files that are created in the future.

And none of this is technical. Anyone who can manage files, using Windows Explorer, can set up a Lorradox job - simple ones can be set up in less than a minute.

It's as easy as 1,2,3,4:-
  1. Choose files
    Select top folder and whether to look in all subfolders. Pattern match filename. Select by date, size etc.
  2. Choose task
    Choose to Copy, Move, Delete or List.
  3. Setup the task
    Choose options depending on the task. With Copy or Move there are lots of options for renaming the files
  4. Run task
    Run the task now and see progress on screen. Or save it as a job to run later - manually or automatically as a scheduled job.